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PRC packers and movers Bangalore

These days people get jobs or business in different cities, and they have to move from one city to another. Packing and moving goods yourself from one place to another is a hectic procedure. It makes people tired, both physically and mentally. It is very stressful to pack an expensive and valuable product and take care of it in the process of shifting. No matter what, everyone wants proper safety for their goods.

To make your work easier several groups of people and companies started a concept of packers and movers in India, which the Indian government authorized. In this concept, when people contact the team of packers and movers. The unit comes with all the packing types of equipment, by which team packs furniture and all the utilities, and then the team loads all the stuff in the truck and takes it to the desired place. Then unload it and unpack it with all the safety and insurance.

About us - PRC packers and movers Bangalore

PRC packers and movers Bangalore is one of the most reputed and famous administrations to settle all your Packing and Moving issues by offering different services like residential packing and moving, business office relocation, interstate moving, vehicle transportation. For ages, PRC Packers and movers started serving with a small group of 4 people, giving trustful services. We have a vast group of gifted and prepared moving specialists and our very own substantial moving trucks with GPS observing framework. We use the latest and smooth technology for local packing and moving in Bangalore to provide a stress-free move.
Being domestic packers and movers in Bangalore, we provide the most reliable residential, commercial, and transportation services in Bangalore. The team is highly-skilled and professional. We take care of every single product with great packaging. We are very conscious during packing, loading, and transportation, and unloading.

Packing and relocating to a new location is simple and secure when you work with a reputable firm like PRC packers and movers Bangalore. Moving to a new location and packing could be a difficult task. This is because it necessitates a great deal of effort to execute. It is indeed vital for packers and movers to have sufficient expertise in this field. Always choose a firm that has been in the area for a long time and has been offering packing and moving services for many years. With their most efficient operating procedures, PRC packers and movers in Bangalore would wow you.
Everything can be moved to the new position without causing any destruction. This would provide you with a fantastic experience. You should now be concerned about just the cost and expenses that you will incur. When you have the correct individuals at your side, all of it is simple and pleasant.

Packing and moving swiftly

PRC Packers and Movers Bangalore to has a welltrained group of professionals who can manage any situation. Experienced packers and movers have been doing this operation for years. This implies you could count on the job to be accurate.
Furthermore, they shall wrap the materials within the specified time frame. This implies that you won't have to worry about meeting deadlines because everything will be completed within the time frame. Clients could use that time to complete other important chores during the packing and moving process.

Employ a dependable firm

The majority of the time, individuals choose the companies that charge more. However, it is not correct that only the greater rates ensure the quality of the service. For this, you must look into the company's existence and past. PRC packers and movers Bangalore offers dependable shifting methods and prices.
Check to see if everything is included in the attractive bundle pricing. This will brighten your day and provide you with two advantages. On the one hand, you'll save money, while on the other hand, you'll have more fun.

Experienced movers are required

Several people believe that they can do the specialist packing and moving procedure on their own. However, keep in mind that in some cases, people go through an emotionally challenging phase. PRC Packers and Movers Bangalore offers the most cuttingedge operating procedures at the most affordable prices.
In that circumstance, they would struggle to complete the task without the assistance of a professional. Never taking a risk and always doublecheck that everything is proceeding according to plan. They must consider a registered corporation for this. Specialized procedures and techniques are used by packing and moving businesses to ensure perfection and safety.

Labeling and packaging

You'll note that the packaging firm uses a unique approach to ensure that there have been no issues in unpacking the products. Secure the backs of all materials and apply labels to everything. PRC packers and movers Bangalore normally precisely mark everything and make a list of everything.

Organize and unpack their belongings

With all these labels, you'll be able to determine exactly what's inside. This label might assist you in identifying goods and matching them to the list when unloading and rearranging the contents. There'll be no chaos, and you could merely assure a smooth transition to a new location.

Taking care of fragile goods

The packing and moving firm hire specialized packers who understand how to handle fragile objects safely. To keep your facial goods safe throughout delivery, they employ technical packing material with extremely soft textures. They use bubble sheets, blankets, and multiple layers of packaging to accomplish this. They assure damagefree transportation of the items with this excellent backing track. Many things in homes and offices are extremely likely to break. PRC Packers and Movers would utilize additional packing layers to ensure that the goods were delivered safely.

Moving without causing any damage is possible

A unique approach is used by the packing and moving firm to pack the fragile objects properly. Clients may calmly relax and enjoy their belongings being delivered to their new place without being damaged. Doing the very same task would be complicated and involve a significant amount of time and energy.
The most remarkable feature is that we don't charge any additional fees for our services. The majority of the items will be included in your order. You could always select the optimal wide range of services based on your preferences and choices.

Our Services - PRC packers and movers offering

PRC packers and movers offer different services with great care and support.

Residential packing and moving services

PRC packers and movers provide residential relocation, and we have experts and a legit team that helps choose a perfect customized work option package in your budget. It will include the best quality of local packers and movers in Bangalore with all the experts from best labor to drivers. Other services include-
Survey before moving
Loading and unloading goods
Expert planning
Packing and unpacking
24*7 customer service

Office relocation services

PRC packers and movers are experts at relocating offices from one place to another. We are skilled at handling the whole process of packing and moving in Bangalore with decent costs. We include services such as follows.
We are moving electronic gadgets like computers, machines with safety precautions, unique packaging, and damage-free delivery.
Packing and moving expensive medical, laboratory pieces of equipment with safety. Delivering it to hospitals, laboratories, and universities.
Packing and moving another local business set-up from one place to another.

Vehicles moving services

PRC Packers and movers have been working for 12 years. We are well-experienced and good at shipping two-wheelers and four-wheelers by offering top quality transportation services. There is always a staff member to assist the transportation carefully.
It includes services such as follows.
Customer support 24*7
Best vehicle carrier fleet
Doorstep delivery.
Doorstep picking.
Live monitoring through GPS.
The insured vehicle transportation.
Budget-friendly service

Packaging services

PRC packers and movers offer personalized packing services in Bangalore. We have a professional team to pack your goods and relocate them to the other destination. We have a trained team to pack delicate and valuable products.
Packaging services include-
Insurance of product
Bubble wrap, carton boxes, duct tape, secured packing.
Good quality of packing material.

Transportation Services

PRC packers and movers have a huge fleet of vehicles and a set of trained drivers so your goods get transported to any location. We have quicker, safer and more dependable vehicles as per customer needs. We are backed by our expert drivers & thus we are offering fastest delivery of your goods in safe manner.

Goods Insurance

We provide appropriate insurance services to make you free from all the unwanted tension and unforeseen risk while shifting the goods to new locale. To make up losses during transition we cover your goods under comprehensive insurance. We have tie ups with several Insurance companies to provide best value for money incase of any mishappening. We deal with the insurance paperwork and also facilitate valuation of your goods.

Local packing and moving service in Bangalore

PRC packers and movers is a Bangalore based company that offers local packing and moving services. We provide the best local shifting service from one place to another. We guarantee to provide the best and safe service in terms of traffic, roads, loading, unloading, and transportation at affordable prices. The team also provide 24*7 customer service. Also available at short notice.

Domestic packing and moving services

PRC packers and movers are in this field for 12 years, and we help move from one city to another. We are licensed packers and movers who can access all over India. Moving goods interstate needs a lot of safety and trust. Don't worry, and people can trust their long-distance services. The team has proper pieces of equipment, group to take care of goods. We ensure to deliver it to the destination at the appropriate time. We have expert drivers and well-maintained trucks to transfer goods. It also has GPS monitoring technology to keep live tracking.

PRC Packers and movers Bangalore Charges

PRC packers and movers charges may vary from place, distance, time, and much more.
Checkout an average estimate of packing and moving charges.

Moving Type/Distance Up to 50 Km 100 - 500 km 600 - 1000 km 1000 - 2000 km
Few home items shifting cost Rs 4000 - 11000 Rs 6000 - 15000 Rs 8000 - 17000 Rs 13000 - 19000
Complete house shifting cost Rs 12000 - 25000 Rs 14000 - 35000 Rs 16000 - 40000 Rs 18000 - 45000
1 BHK house shifting charges Rs 6000 - 10000 Rs 9000 - 12000 Rs 10000 - 14000 Rs 12000 - 16000
2 BHK house shifting charges Rs 7000 - 10000 Rs 8000 - 12000 Rs 9000 - 16000 Rs 10000 - 18000
3 BHK house shifting charges Rs 7000 - 12000 Rs 9000 - 16000 Rs 10000 - 18000 Rs 11000 - 20000
4 BHK house shifting charges Rs 6000 - 15000 Rs 8000 - 20000 Rs 10000 - 22000 Rs 12000 - 26000
5 BHK house shifting charges Rs 10000 - 15000 Rs 12000 - 20000 Rs 14000 - 25000 Rs 16000 - 30000
Home shift + car transport cost Rs 12000 - 18000 Rs 13000 - 24000 Rs 14000 - 28000 Rs 15000 - 35000
Car transportation charges Rs 6000 - 18000 Rs 7000 - 19000 Rs 8000 - 20000 Rs 9000 - 21000
Few office items shifting cost Rs 8000 - 16000 Rs 9000 - 18000 Rs 10000 - 21000 Rs 11000 - 22500
Complete office shifting charges Rs 6000 - 17000 Rs 9000 - 20000 Rs 10000 - 23000 Rs 12000 - 26000

Why to Choose PRC packers and movers

We offering supreme quality services.

We assure round-the-clock assistance.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

We are rich in experience.

Our services are quick, safe & cheaper.

If you plan to move out of your house, don't panic about the packaging, moving of products and vehicles. You can give a call to PRC packers and movers, Bangalore. We'll help you to pack and move locally or to an extended place. We ensure the safety of your goods and essentials by safe wrapping and packaging.

We hope this article helped you to know better about our team i.e., PRC packers and movers.

Let us know your feedback in the comment section.

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Vivek Gupta


I am a student and used PRC packers and movers for local shifting. They move my stuff easily at very low price. I am happy & wish them for their future.

100% recomended

Ramesh Agarwal


I am working in a software company. My company transfered me for Bangalore. I contact PRC Packers and Movers. They move my goods as quick as they commit. I would like to say thanks once again to them.

100% recomended

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